Stained Glass Centre for the Performing Arts – This historic establishment serves as a premier space for both professional and amateur theater productions, as well as captivating live concerts. Boasting a rich heritage of over 125 years, the venue showcases a distinctive raked floor, gently sloping upwards, and a charming balcony that adds to its unique character. With a seating capacity of over 300 people, every seat in the house is designed to offer an exceptional view, ensuring that each attendee enjoys an immersive experience. The venue’s impeccable acoustics further enhance the auditory delights of performances, making it a cherished destination for music enthusiasts and performers alike.

34 Church Street North
Stouffvillle, Ontario
(Church and Main Street)

Newest Venue for
Wintersong Music Festival:

Stained Glass Centre for the Performing Arts has been added to the 2024 list of venues for Wintersong Music Festival. WINTERSLEEP will be performing at 8:30pm to a sold out crowd. Hungry Lake band will go on before them at 7:15pm Saturday night.

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