Church Council

The work of the whole church is directed by members of the Congregational Council. Members of the council are elected annually and meet the third Tuesday of every month from September through June. They direct, plan and initiate all the aspects of our church life and function through the recommendation of the various standing committees and professional staff.

Christian Development

The Christian Development Committee coordinates a wide scope of activities throughout the year. This group provides support and direction to the children’s worship program, youth activities as well as implementing Christian education workshops. Children’s Sunday Worship includes Nursery to Youth Group activities.

Communications and Technology

In as many ways as possible, the Communications Committee brings the news to the congregation and community. They produce the church electronic newsletter called News Of the Week (NOW)  and co-ordinates local community advertisements. Most recently this committee has implemented the new Stouffville United Church web site, email system, it’s content and updated our Facebook page.  We are responsible for our weekly livestream service to YouTube.  


The Minister and Worship Committee oversee all aspects of public worship and special services within the congregation. Their primary focus is to provide leadership to the congregation, and ensure the spiritual growth of the church family. Duties include overseeing the use of the sanctuary, sacraments, choir and music, ushering and greeting and the review of all baptism, marriage and membership requests.

Mission & Service

The purpose of this Committee is to raise the congregation’s awareness of the needs and work of the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada. It recommends the local church’s annual mission and Services budget and keeps the congregation informed about its progress, and introducing special initiatives as appropriate.

Community & World Outreach

In today’s topsy-turvy world, the challenges of this committee have never been greater. Its role is to address the social, moral and ethical issues within the local church community and beyond. This committee plans and organizes food bank drives, as well as addresses fair housing and human rights issues.

Ministry & Personnel

Working quietly behind the scene, the Ministry and Personnel Committee acts as a liaison between the congregation and church staff. They work as an advisory group to the congregational and provide recommendations on ways to keep the church running smoothly. Members of this committee are in regular contact with the staff to provide feedback and to listen to concerns. Duties include: defining job roles, supporting the inter-relationships of the minister, custodian, organist, secretary, and treasurer: and, providing annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the church’s staff.


The Finance Committee along with the Treasurer exercises oversight of the financial management of Stouffville United Church. In particular, it manages the General Fund (aka Operating Fund) and the Building Fund (aka the Capital Fund). It works with all other committees and groups in the church to ensure the inflows and outflows to these Funds are being recorded correctly and are being reported to both the Council and the Congregation in a timely manner. The Finance Committee also with all these to set spending priorities via the annual budgeting process and monitors the church’s finances to ensure there are sufficient funds available to carry out these priorities.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care includes
• Visitation to Nursing Homes and Senior Care homes
• Visitation of church members as needed
• Friendly phone calls as needed
• Coffee hour following worship
• Prayer Mantle Ministry
• Seniors lunches
• Meals made and delivered on a short-term basis
• Cards sent for people struggling or celebrating significant events
• “Munch Bags” prepared and sent to young people studying or training, away from home Thanksgiving time
• Greeting of newcomers, and the receiving of a Stouffville United church information package
• Christmas cards delivered personally to area Nursing homes and to those in their own home, unable to come to church
• Carnations are also delivered in may prior to Mother’s Day to these same people