Parking Guideline regarding Roads & Driveways around Stouffville United Church

Parking at Stouffville United Church is limited but there are many parking lots within a 2 to 3 block radius. 
There are 3 parking spaces reserved for wheelchairs at Stouffville United, but they tend to fill up fast, so it is
recommended to arrive early if your family needs one.

All cars must be parked correctly and must not touch or be on any sidewalk. No car can be parked within 3 metres of a fire hydrant
(could be towed). No vehicle can be parked on or very close to the Fire Route (South entrance and either side the North entrance).
She also said it may include the area directly in front of the church, ‘below’ the steps. Any car with a handicap sticker/display,
must be placed so that a by-law officer can see ALL the details of the display. Any missing information will lead to a ticket and
may also include being towed. They can only ticket cars parked in handicap spaces and those blocking fire routes.
The 3 hour maximum parking limit applies to anyone parked on the street. All entrances/exits and driveways must be 100% clear.
Angled parking is for Compact Cars only.