“Getting it Right” – Sunday, August 29, 2021

Rev. Don Gibson

Stouffville United Church

Mark 7:1-23

Call To Worship

Leader: We praise you.

All:  For you God are worthy

Leader:  We praise you not just with our voices;

All: but with our living everyday

Leader: We praise you

All:  because you are a good and gracious God

Prayer of Approach:

Eternal God, open out minds to hear your word,

Our hearts to love your word,

And our lives to be obedient to your word,

Through the power of your Spirit

And the name of Jesus Christ. Amen                       [VU #502]

Prayer for Illumination

Through words written on paper,

through stories told over and over,

speak to us, Mighty yet Gentle God.

Speak to us of your wisdom, your love, and your call.

Give us insight.

Give us what we need to follow in faithfulness.