Stouffville United Rental Rates – September 1, 2021




Davis Room

Capacity 56 seated 75 standing

$70.00 per use (~4 hours)

Friendship Room

Capacity – common sense (approx. 25) 

$70.00 per use (~4 hours)


Capacity 227 seated 288 standing   

  • $150.00 for part of day – morning/afternoon/night (4 hours)
  • $240.00 for a full day (8 hours)

Downstairs Kitchen

(must be rented with a lower room, no cooking) 


Upstairs Kitchen

(must be rented with an upper room, no cooking)  



Capacity – Main level 286
Balcony 48 (all fixed seating)

$475.00 per use  


  • Caretaker fee
  • Organist fee


Piano Recitals:                    

  • Sanctuary
  • Caretaker fee



  • Minister fee  
  • Organist fee  
  • Caretaker fee
  • Sanctuary fee    
  • Total   


AV Operator  

  • Sound equipment / Microphones
  • Livestream YouTube, Facebook or Zoom

$30.00/hr ($60.00 min)

$30.00/hr ($60.00 min)

Bulletins for event       

Key Deposit



Catering Service or Serving Food

Upon availability, the United Church Reception Team may be able to provide refreshments in the Auditorium at Stouffville United Church for a fee per person (depending on food requested) and an Auditorium fee of $150.00.  Contact the office at for availability and a quote.

Upon availability, the Auditorium and Downstairs Kitchen of Stouffville United Church may be rented by the family to provide their own refreshments for a fee of $60.00 for the Kitchen and $150.00 for the Auditorium.  Use of Church silverware and dishware is not included.

Please Note: “Renters are expected to follow current health guidelines.” – Booking Guidelines

NB: All outside renters must have their own liability insurance of not less than $2,000,000 and Stouffville United Church as a named beneficiary. This must be filed with the church office prior to use of the church or its facilities.

NB: All rentals are handled by the Booking Team. Please fill in a Booking Request Form and email to the or drop it into the office. Forms are available from the office or on the Stouffville United website – Bookings Form (

NB: The Church operates under the same garbage restrictions as a house (3 bags every two weeks). Thus renters are STRONGLY encouraged to limit garbage by recycling or using items that can be Green Binned or Blue Boxed.

NB: All rates are subject to: change without notice and adjustment based on the necessities of the individual rental.

NB: Rentals are subject to the review and approval of the appropriate committee(s) of Stouffville United Church.