Scavenger Hunt Questions and Answers

Scavenger Hunt Questions and Answers:


Look for the statue in the Prayer Garden.  Who is it representing?  Jesus                    

What do you know about Him?  (answers will vary)


What are the names of three valued UCW members written on a stone in the garden?  Jean, Bev and Miek

Mount Zion

What does it say on the stained glass window above the front door of the church building?  1856; 1893


What is written on the back of the big sign in front of the church?  Go now in peace


What is the date on the corner stone to the left of the front steps?  1889

St. Andrews

What is St. Andrews motto that is written on the banner?  The church that makes a difference.                         

What is written on the sign beside the church?  Serving the community since 1834.