New Minister for Stouffville United Church

Stouffville United Church has called Captain Rev. Dr. John Niles as our new minister.

At present Rev Niles is serving as a United Church Canadian Military Chaplain in CFB Borden. Prior to that he served over 20 years in congregational ministry serving both rural and city churches. He has been a solo minister in a 2-point charge as well as in a mid size city congregation.

He is a registered Psychotherapist and holds a Doctorate in counselling.

Stouffville United would like to warmly welcome Rev Niles, his wife, Liane, and their 6 children as this new chapter of our church family begins. Rev. Niles begins with us week of November 1st and will lead our November 7th Sunday Remembrance Worship Service at 10:30am. Our services are available both in person and livestreamed to YouTube.

Sunday Worship Service (

Sunday Worship Service